Miscellaneous Pictures

These are photos I've taken of people I know, or of things that look interesting to me. I hope to put up some drawings or some poetry in the near future, but feel free to contribute by sending any pics or drawings or short stories you may have and I'll put them up if I like them. Here's my first bunch for you to look at.

This is Jairo, a local artist who I got to know through a mutual friend who sells 'The Big Issue' (magazine produced by homeless people in London) outside Tufnell Park Underground station. He's holding an old painting of his entitled 'Contemplation' as you can see.

Here's the same pic, slightly closer up (note the flintlock pistol and the knife on the table, as well as the ghostly outline around the two figures. A cryptic comment on mortality and sudden, violent death, perhaps?).

Here's an early collaboration between Jairo and his girlfriend Nicoela, who's also an artist called 'Reincarnation'. I like how they've combined the cave-like paintings with the graveyard (or I think that's what it is) down below.


This is another collaborative piece, done as part of an exhibtion entitled 'My Name Is Jolly'. I don't know what this one's about, but I'd say it's a sly comment on society's constant preoccupation with sex and physical beauty/perfection. What do you think?

 This one's an original of Nicoela's and is called 'Get Out Of My House'. You may not see it on the scan, but in the photo I took you can see a menacing face through the keyhole, along with bits of text (poetry, I think) on the painting. The fact that the picture's been painted onto bathroom tiles adds to its quirkiness.

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