This is Mdian Jon. I was coming home from the July Critical Mass cycle demo and was passing by Camden Town Hall near King's Cross when I saw that there was a Hare Krishna festival going on nearby. Jon was sitting outside the hall in a doorway and I asked to take a pic of him/her. I say "him/her" because Jon is a winkte (Jon felt uncomfortable with the words "transexual" or "hermaphrodite" as "...they don't adequately describe me as I am".) and Although Jon wears a sari, you'll notice in the pics that he/she has Native American jewellery (as Jon's part Asian, part Native American). In Native American culture, winktes held a special place in local tribes as shamens due to being of indeterminate gender. Jon gave me the name of a book on the subject, but I lost the paper on which he wrote the title. I had an interesting conversation with Jon (who incidentally works with people with terminal illnesses, helping them on their way to whatever it is that lies on the other side of death) and found out things I wouldn't usually know about certain subjects.


Here's a rainbow on Holloway Road. I got this pic on my way home from the festival that was on Upper St. earlier in the day. I like how the rainbow's brightness contrasts with the drabness of the street (note how bright the sky is inside the rainbow, but grey and dank outside it).


Here's an old pic I took years ago down of Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy on the stage at Brixton Academy, supporting Run-DMC (pre-Jason Nevins!) along with EPMD, Stetsasonic plus Derek B (remember him?) and Pop Will Eat Itself from the UK (or "Pee Wee", as I remember an American hip-hopper waiting outside the venue call 'em). Click on the pic to get a larger one to peek at.


Keeping with the musical theme, I took a short cut through Highbury Fields coming home from work, when I saw a group of outrageously dressed people with thick Welsh accents nearby. I walked up to one of them and asked what was happening. it turned out that they were all Manic Street Preachers fans
on a convention (I didn't anyone there with "4 Real" carved into their arms mercifully!).


I got this pic when I saw trance techno group Tribal Drift down Dingwalls in Camden a few weeks aback. I discovered them by chance while looking through a pile of old 12" singles in a charity shop and finding one of theirs amongst them and I quite liked what I heard.



 I got these pics coming home from the Jagannath Ratha Yatra festival down Battersea Park. The first one's of some busking  musicians in Trafalgalar Square, while the other one is of some roller bladers leaping off ramps also in Trafalgar Square that evening.


         I got this pic in a park near Kensington Palace on the night before Princess Di's funeral. I wasn't at all moved by events following her death (I cracked a joke to an ex-girlfriend about Princess Di in a coffin while we on a tube train during the "week of grief", and got threatening stares from a man opposite us reading 'The Daily Telegraph' as a result), but I went along all the same just to see what all the fuss was over. I personally it found very disturbing to see people crying for someone they didn't really know, but strangely curious at the same time too. Will the same scenes be repeated when the Queen or her mother dies? I doubt it (and indeed, it wasn't). If you're wondering what's written under the Queen of hearts card stuck on the tree, it said, "To Di - pick of the pack! Rest in peace" (has she been so lucky? You decide!).

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