The painting below was done by a local artist I knew called Maggie and is a self portrait entitled 'LOOK', using oil paints on glass, framed in metal. Note the crack running diagonally along the left-hand side. If you want to see the painting enlarged, click on the pic.


I took this pic when I was down Covent Garden, and it features two artists scrawling a masterpiece (of sorts) on the pavement of one of London's trendiest areas. The bloke with the hat was a blur of activity, while the geezer crouching just took his time.


I took this pic at sundown after work one Thursday, and it features the canal next to King's Cross station. I like the redness of the sky and tranquility of the lock (an adjective not best used for the area). Click on the pic for a larger view of it if you wish.


These two pics feature a good friend of mine, at home having her hair done by her little sister. You may not notice, but she's a little miffed at me for having snapped her at the wrong moment (I had to twist her arm in order to scan the pics and get 'em on the page).



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