The Dears
The Astoria

Here's a few pics I took back in July 2005, when I saw indie
rock old, new and unknown. Kicking
things off, I took these
first few snaps with my little digi of an unknown
band going
through their paces during the tail-end of their set. I'd love it
if anyone could tell me what they were called, if you do know.





Following the unknown indie band's spell in the spotlight,
it was time to re-acquaint myself (live, at least) with The
House of Love. Here's Guy Chadwick having a strum.... 

....followed a hazy snap of Terry Bickers. Believe it or not,
this was the only the first time I'd seen 'em with Terry in the
as he'd left back in 1989 to form his own band,
Levitation. There were more than a few bods of a certain
 age (myself included) that sang along to the older songs
 when those were trotted out.

Guy and bassist bod nearby get busy.


Terry does riffs.... the bassist bod lays down the line.

Guy and Terry trade melodies....

Hazy rockin' as HOL's set drew to a close.




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