Having enjoyed the return of The House of Love earlier on, it
was time for the headliners to take to the stage - The Dears, all
the way from Canada. From what I'd heard of them, they play the sort of indie I've always liked (i.e. of the non-Britpop variety, which I hate. If you like yer Britpop, spare me the overdone smugness, please! You've not done anything truly noteworthy
to carry on like that in the first place anyway!), so I thought I'd catch 'em in action in a small-ish venue before they go & get all stratospheric & that. This is the first pic I got of 'em that evening and it features their lead singer and guitarist, Murray Lightburn (along with drummer in the background).... 

....ably accompanied by those you see here.

Hazy Murray - all kinetic and stuff. 

<>Guitarist gives his fingers work on the fretboards.

Another hazy pic, but I like it.....so there!

Keyboard duo do the necessary that evening.

<>Intelligent intensity, bathed in red light
from Murray & Co., as seen below.



Riff-a-rama from The Dears' guitarist.

The Dears' bassist put in exercise on stage....

<>.... before taking a rest (of sorts) trading harmonies with Murray.

Intensity in the bright light....

....as Murray does them moody vocals....

.....and shows his versatility with a melodica.


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