Echobelly live at ULU

Here's some pics I took at the University of London Union (ULU) of one of my favourite indie groups, Echobelly. They've never been given the most positive of coverage by the music press at times (a cynically trendy hack from the 'Melody Maker' once referred to them dismissively as "Britpop for 'Guardian' readers"), but this didn't seem to stop a comfortably large crowd from coming to see them perform at a London venue for the first time in nearly four years, during which time they'd lost and then replaced band members (one of whom was Debbie Smith, their mildly iconic guitarist with the Tintin quiff), been dropped by their record label, taken their former acountant to court for "cooking the books" in favour of bolstering his bank balance (along with a few other bands he worked), and gone off on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas, that obviously had an influence on the titles of songs from the album they'd only recently just released, 'People Are Expensive' ('A Map Is Not The Territory' and 'Kali Yunga' are two that spring to mind).
        I didn't take pics of the first support act (some bloke with did a cover of Prince's 'Sign O' The Times' with the classic "singer-songwriter accent" - cod American, if you didn't know already), but I did take a snap of the guitar that belonged to one of the members of Kid (I was so impressed by their performance, I got a c.d. of theirs at the end of the concert), perched as it was against one of the speakers nearby.

Eventually though, the time came for the main attraction to take to the stage to turn it out, and it has to be said that they certainly didn't disappoint that evening. Here's Sonya Madan (the band's voice), launching boldly into 'Sleeping Hitler', an old b-side taken from their first single, the 'Bellyache' e.p. from 1993 (the title track of which has perhaps the coolest didgeridoo intro on a record ever, in my opinion), as well as a feminist anthem called 'Give Her A Gun', which was also warmly received.

Glenn Johansson, guitarist and Sonya's
songwriting partner in typical pose.

Ruth, the new bassist making her debut
live appearance with the band, as well
as striking a pose or two.

Sonya belts it out, as only she can.


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