Heartssong Takes Uxbridge

For the last few months, I've found m'self performing on stage
 in a band named Heartssong, with a lovely lady named Ingrid (thanks for the introduction, Ms. Mushroom)!. Here's some pics
of us giving performance, at 'The Crown & Treaty' in Uxbridge, during their 'Unsigned Treaty' evening. I must thank Anna for
taking the pics you see and more importantly, giving us
directions for finding the pub (should Ingrid or I ever turn
Hindu, I do sincerely hope neither of us are reincarnated
 as homing pigeons - our lives would be serious hell!). We
 began our bimble into sound with 'When I Am Gone'.

Ingrid gives vocals with guitar.....

....whilst I feel my way in on mandolin, surveying the audience.

Showing concentration as we play. If the kids at my workplace
were to see me sporting the trainers I wore that evening, the
shock would traumatise them (I've been told I wear "goth boots").
If you're not David Tennant, the wearing of Converses by anyone over thirty is an absolute no-no in some circles (hmm, why?).

Breaking out the harmonica, while Ingrid sticks to her guitar...

....and there's me, warbling away. I first played in
public down at the old Rainbow Centre (a squatted church
that played host to many a good party/rave around the mid-90's), with a painter & decorator named Bayo (when's that mural
getting re-done in your flat?) way back in the day. I feel
I've come on a bit since those heady days in Kentish Town.

More intense concentration.....

.....I look on, during 'Everything Returns To Nature'.

Ingrid smiles....is this because she's about to recite poetry
(a most decadent thing to do in Uxbridge, so it seems)?

Me checking for Ingrid's chord changes
(Anna & I laughed, on seeing my expression!).

Ingrid checks out my expression as we begin to draw things
to a close. Special thanks to Michelle, who organised the
evening, along with all the other performers that took part.
If you'd like to hear what Ingrid and I sound like, check out
the Heartssong homepage (I like 'Let Your Life Speak' m'self,
but then again, I guess I'm a little biased like that).



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