Martha Tilston


The Woods

I must admit that whenever I go to see Martha Tilston in concert, the pics don't come out as well as they should, but you can never fault the music played. Having gotten a ticket whilst on my lunch break, I cycled to the Scala after work and found my good friend Lina with the lovely Rachel down at the front. Here's the first
pics I got, of a trio turning it out in their own way.


The next bunch of pics you see feature some blokes who share
 a house with Lina. This was
probably the third time I've seen
 'em in action
(and v. good they were too that evening).



Having experienced Lina's housemates, it was time for the
 main attraction of the evening to do that what
seems to run in
 the family (her dad's a well-respected
folk icon, but you
probably knew that already anyway). Here she is,
deep in song, early on in a purple haze.... a bod picked out pretty melodies on his mandolin
(my own melody playing on said instrument's pretty
it has to be said. My chording's coming along
at its own particular pace - quite slow,
though - which isn't bad).

 Rhapsody in blue.

Martha takes a stand and does
banter with the audience....

....before stepping to the mike to sing her life.

Having a strum with the band.


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