I quite like the next few pics, as the stage was bathed
in a mad kaleidoscope
of colours, hence the mildly
trippy look
you see beneath. Here's Martha.... 


....part of the string section (folky psychedelia, anyone?)....


....and Martha looking v.trippy indeed.


I was well pleased with the next few pics below, as Martha
came off the stage and stood right in front of myself and
 Lina (Rachel had
left earlier to get her train back to Brighton)
and sang a floatingly haunting song that
I know I'd heard somewhere before ('Silver Dagger', it's called).... 

....accompanied by a dapper fiddle player....

....and here's a lovely bod named Matt to the right (hello! Not been
been hitting them tiles too hard, I should hope!) in maestro pose.

After that highlight (though there had been many during
the evening), it was time for the band to come and do a
rousing encore before things drew
to a close, and
I went back to Tottenham.

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