MoMo @ Ocean
(April '02)

Apologies to Debbie, Ruth and of course, MoMo for the delay in putting up the following pics (annoying things, Zip drives, when they break down on your p.c. and you can't find the original photos for you to re-scan!), but here they finally are.
            Turning up at Ocean straight after another hard day's work (a venue which once upon a time used to be a library itself - the gloomiest one I've ever been to, from personal remembrance!) down on Mare Street, I chained up 'Red Nev' and claimed
my special photographer's pass below (my first and to date, only time - 'til recently - I'd been given that privilege) allowing me to get in for nowt. Here it is below.


Once inside, I took in the sights around me and waited for
the music to start. Here's MoMo's front man getting into
stride below once they did get going that evening. 

Nice silhouette pic of one of the MoMo guys I keep bumping into
at various places during during the summer (anyone know the name of the instrument he's playing?), as the front 
man began to warm up some that night.


A better pic I got of him playing his
most curious-looking instrument.... 

....while the front man showed his rhythm below. 


Drumming in tandem....

....or going for it solo...

....the front man did his bit to move the crowd.


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