It wasn't only MoMo making the night a memorable one,
 the people who'd turned out to see were did their bit too.
Here's the first pic I got of the crowd shimmying about
in the Ocean that evening.   

MoMo's main man gets to the
point during the performance.

Just then, the stage was opened up to all comers
to show their talents. First up was a lady with a
violin (not the one you know, Mushroom!)....

....who was followed by a lady on the mike who showed
some serious confidence and self-assurance on the stage as
she sang (she didn't look like she was new to this!).

Another one of those semi-silhouette pics I got that
evening. As the stage was so brightly lit, I rarely
bothered using a flash when I took a pic.

Rounding things off for the night, I took a few more pics
of the crowd enjoying the choice choons. I recognized more
 than a few faces in the crowd, but that's to be expected as
I guess they must like the self same things I do. I wish I had
a link to MoMo's homepage, cos you'd be able to find out
what they're up to in the future. Debbie, Ruth & co, I hope
the pics were worth the wait!  





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