The Shock Of the Nouveux

There seems to be a resurgence in nearly all things dating back
to the 1980's (the pre-'Live Aid' parts in particular) around now,
so when Jairo and Nicoela invited me and good friend of mine named Michelle to a (new?) New Romantic club that occurred monthly down in Camden, I thought I'd bring the Zenit along to
get a pic or two of what was happening there. Starting off,
here's the vocalist of the first band I saw that evening -
she reminds me of Toyah (pre-Teletubbies!).

Here's the band's bassist, looking
suitably androgynous (as did most of
the blokes who were there that evening).

The Toyah-alike did Nico-esque vocals....

....while the band's guitarist gives a suitably 
icy-cool pose (as is required, when you're
found to be on that New Romantic tip).

Mo' pouting from the Toyah-alike.

After the first act had departed, the headliners
came on and did their stuff. This is their keyboard
player (and club night promoter - Gary Numan
was obviously a major role model when he
was at a most impressionable age, it seems).

Here's the band's vocalist snapped during a
rare moment that he was still (according to
Michelle, he worked in a greengrocers round
the corner from where she lives. Oh well,
Will & Gareth had to start somewhere)....

...and giving it some soul later on (he also
did an impromptu cover of The Sisters
Of Mercy's 'Lucretia [My Reflection]', with
just the bassist for musical accompaniment).

The last pic features the band's guitarist going into shoegazer mode (and enjoying it, judging from how long he held this pose during a cover of The Velvet Underground's 'Waiting For My
Man'). When they came off stage, the house d.j. playing futurist classics aplenty, although Kylie's 'Can't Get You Outta My Head' had various Nouveux-types doing moves on the dancefloor 
I'm sure would bring a tear to Tik & Tok's eyes (remember them,
if you dare admit it?). Oh
well, that's 'nuff nostalgia from me, trigger any latent memories for you, then?


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