Come Down & Meet The
Folks' - The Xmas Bash

Here's some more pics I took at 'Come Down & Meet The Folks', on the weekend leading to Xmas. On reaching 'The Golden Lion', I was shocked to find that it was well and truly rammed out with revellers looking to enjoy some festive rockabilly that evening and they certainly weren't to be disappointed.
        I saw Jairo & Nicoela (who'd invited me along for the evening) amongst the heaving throng and we shoved our way down to the front (getting jellybeans from some bearded, bespectacled bloke along the way) where the Fulsom Four were doing covers of songs by the likes of Oasis and Benny Hill in the style of Johnny Cash (I now see 'Don't Look Back In Anger' in a different having heard their version). Here's two of them in action while doing their unique take of 'Ernie (him what "drove the fastest milkcart in the West")'.

Here's a snap of a bloke named Dave Phillips performing
a cover of 'Tainted Love', a song originally recorded by
Marc Bolan's widow (and something of a Northern Soul
classic, I'm told), but best known by the synth-pop version
done by Soft Cell. Jairo played me Dave's version when I
was at his and Nicoela's flat a couple of weeks later.

One of the Fulsom Four, accompanied
by Boz Boorer on double bass.

Here's a bloke doing a song in the style of
country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons, and
v.good he was too.

I got this one of a bloke who had to fend off the attentions
of one of the pub's regulars the last time I came along,
doing a lovely version of 'Blue Xmas'. A little
underexposed, but atmospheric, I'd say.

Here's the first special guest to put in an appearance down at the 'Golden Lion' that evening, the bloke that Vic n' Bob off 'Shooting Stars' refer to as the "50's throwback", Mark Lamarr (I'm certain he was v.much at home, judging from the quiffs and sideburns on parade that evening). Here we see him doing close harmonies with Boz.

Mark got da blues! Expressing his soul through his
harp. As quickly as he came, he'd disappeared.


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