Three pics of alt-country stalwarts The Rockingbirds
turning it out below, starting off with the bassist...

....before going onto the singer....

....and finally the guitarist.

Here's a bloke named Carlos doing his thing.

Boz plays his wife's bass. Earlier on, he did the first
song he released as a single with the Polecats, called
'Rockabilly Guy', ably supported by the singer from the
Fulsom Four rocking out in the second pic below.


Before the moment arrived for the evening's main surprise guest to make an appearance, the landlady of the pub was given a framed painting of her premises by the bloke who puts on these Sunday afternoon dos. With that done, it was time for the mystery performer to take to the stage, who happened to be the bloke who got loads of teenagers to paint a white stripe across their nose back in 1981 - Adam Ant. He was sporting the 'Primrose Hillbilly' look, as opposed to the 'Prince Charming' one of old. Here's the first snap that I got of him in action below.


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