The world's media were out in force, judging from the amount of cameras, microphones and trucks with satellite dishes stuck on their roofs (some of them secretly hoping for a riot to kick off, though they wouldn't dare mention it), but they were easily outnumbered by various protestors with countless flags and banners, as you can see in the pics below.  




Perched upon one of the lions in the 'Square, here's a bloke waving what I think's a Palestinian flag (one of many that were to be found in the area that day). Most of the speakers on the platform spoke of how the military actions in Afghanistan were meaningless without first resolving the near-hopeless situation within Israel itself. 

I got this snap below as a young muslim woman spoke and eloquently voiced her contempt for those who claimed to speak for her. Standing behind me
were two veiled women whose faces showed a steely defiance to recent events unfolding within the UK (since September 11th, racial attacks upon muslims have risen at an alarming rate).
        I felt a little guilty for taking the photo below, as the lady closest to my camera looked right in my direction the moment I pressed the shutter, but I wasn't being voyeuristic, just curious (apologies to you if you felt that way).

Veiled blokes with a placard turning the US president into 'Dubya Corleone'. Can you tell
who 'The Two Stooges' are?

I came across a pile of placards casually discarded
at the base of the speaker's platform being trodden on. As luck (or fate) would have it, the one atop the others referred to recent legislation passed by the U.S. Congress allowing its law enforcement and intelligence agencies the right to use any means at their disposal (put simply, dirty tricks) to pursue the perpetrators of the World Trade Centre attacks.

Walking around the road surrounding Trafalgar Square, I saw numerous banners from various protestors who'd come from up and down the length of the country just to be in London for the day.
        I know the slogan in the second pic reads "PEACE IS GROOVY, WAR IS PANTS", but could anyone tell me what the banner in the third pic says? I'd really love to know.




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