I noticed some policemen taking position on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery casting a
sinister eye over the protestors assembled.
        Note the bloke with the camera in the first pic (obviously been assigned the task of photographing
"disruptive influences" by his superiors for future reference), while the blokes in yellow jackets took down notes in their blue books. I have to admit to feeling decidedly uncomfortable as I watched them.


Thin blue (and yellow with white reflective stripes)
line blocking off the entrance to Whitehall.

More pics of muslim blokes praying. While others
let their flashes go off like there was no tomorrow
(do take note of the spelling, Tony!), I had faith enough in my old Zenit that the pics I took
would come out decent enough if I used
the light that was available.



Two blokes atop one of the lions in the 'Square waving yet another Palestinian flag.

Here's a snap of a bloke who's perhaps one of the most visible faces in the eco-protest movement,
George Monbiot. In a rousing speech, he said that
some of the people assembled might have to go
to prison for their beliefs, and that the war in
Afghanistan was only the start of many that
would decide the planet's future.


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