More pics of the guerilla gardeners going at it. It didn't take too long before part of the stretch of road surrounding the 'Square had become greener than usual. In the second pic, I saw a lady with wings doing her bit and attracting more than a few cameras in her direction.


All around me, there were reporters with microphones shoving them into people's faces and asking them what the point of what they were doing, while others carried on with what they were doing, oblivious to the attention they'd attracted (like the bloke with the hooded top). The cynical may find the actions of some of the protestors futile and silly, but they were making a statement about how things could be given proper political will (the social will's there, but as so many of those who make the decisions that affect all our
lives are at the beck and call of big business, change is unlikely to occur).


To my immediate left, a maypole had been erected in the middle of the road alongside the sqaure, and to the sound of a trumpet playing the 'Archers' theme (plus two blokes who sang 'Uncle Tom Cobley & All' - fingers in their ears for that authentic "folky" look!), some protestors started skipping around it, as you can see in the two pics below.


Untangling the ribbons from around the maypole. Quite a crowd had gathered, and there were pics aplenty taken.

A youngster gets shown some pointers from a friendly reveller on how to go round the pole, while in the
second snap below, the kids assembled get
ready to have a Mayday dance.



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