Skipping around the maypole again.

Here's a mini-movie I found at a site called, that has some of us dancing around the maypole with Big Ben in sight. I myself had a go, only to be chastised by a lady nearby as I went around, ribbon in hand ("You shouldn't say that you'll come inside of me, while I come outside of you. Y'know it sounds horribly suggestive the way that comes out ," she said looking embarrased. I replied,
"Ooh, Matron!" and she went redder still).

Maypole around big ben

This bloke had obviously gotten well into the vibe of the day and had come dressed as a "garden spirit" (some
folks get their jollies like that, I guess). Around about
this time, the demo was perhaps at its fluffiest.

Here's my other Moulton bike, a 1970 'MkIII' which goes by the name of 'Young Shorty' (so called as it was made six years after 'Red Nev' at the Raleigh factory in Nottingham, and its wheelbase is shorter - 41 inches to the 44 1/2" of 'Red Nev') parked next to what looked like an "anarchist flowerbed" nearby. I was spotted by a lady named Ellie who I spoke to at the previous Friday's 'Critical Mass' ride, and she told me how serious I looked as I went around the maypole. " You were really concentrating on every step you did from where I was standing." "Yeah, that sounds like me," I thought to myself (God, how embarrassing having that pointed out!).

Here's Genrnal Smuts after his makeover.

Walking around, the whole of the 'Square had been turned into an "alternative garden", with mud sculptures, rapidly constructed moats, banners, mildly exotic plants (more than a few of them came into bloom during the summer, causing the Westminster park authorities some major embarrassment) and other things to see. Have
a look at I what I snapped below.




 Just then, a lady with a homemade tannoy addressed the crowd, asking everyone to move out of the 'Square and onto Kennington Park, as the police were coming down towards us following rioting outside a McDonald's in Trafalgar Square. Seeing a group of cyclists passing by, I hopped onto 'Young Shorty' and pedalled off with them. Coming back to near where I was some time later, I found two rows of riot cops doing their best to look menacing (though a few of them looked a little bored to me).


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