Here we all are right in the heart of the Square Mile, near Bank tube. As well as a visible presence of the police (on two wheels and in the air), we also had to endure the enraged attention of a City type doing Lee Harvey Oswald impressions with eggs that they v.cowardly hurled at us from a window high up nearby (guess what sort of reaction they were given by the cyclists assenbled!).


As you can see in the pic below, it's not always Winston Churchill's statue that gets to wear a silly hairdo on Mayday. Eccentrics are always welcome though.

Having felt that we'd made our point and had dwelt in the area for long enough, the City Police came along and began to give us all a friendly(ish) shove out from where we were. Just getting in the practice for later on in the day.

A police motorcyclist (one of many who around that day putting in the overtime owed, I guess) who shadowed the cyclists all around the ride.

The heart of the City of London gets roadblocked. While that was going on, I quickly rushed into a Boot's nearby to get a new battery for my camera, as the old one was running a little too low for my liking.

With my camera newly juiced up, I was ready to roll again, and I joined the happy procession as we headed down to London Bridge station. It wasn't only the Metropolitan police who were to found playing cat-and-mouse with the protestors on Tuesday.The white van on the left belonged to the Kent Constabulary, and I'm certain that other police forces around the U.K. gave their services to the Met types (hence the embarrassingly heavy police presence that day).


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